One-liners to April 7

20 Mar Jazzer receives bad news and Tony finds himself the subject of criticism.
21 Mar Alice is stunned by a shocking admission and Alan is worried about a family member.
22 Mar Chris is left reeling and the scales fall from Tracy’s eyes.
23 Mar Brian joins the debate and Lily jumps to conclusions.
24 Mar There’s devastation at the vicarage and Lily makes a surprising confession.

27 Mar Kate is on the warpath and Susan offers a shoulder to cry on.
28 Mar Alan finds himself caught up in a drama and Tom spots an opportunity.
29 Mar The verdict is in for Berrow, and Tony has concerns.
30 Mar Chris attempts to be honest and there’s bad news at Berrow.
31 Mar Alice realises what’s important while rules are broken at Bridge Farm.

03 Apr There’s a surprise in store for Ruairi and Josh hatches a plan.
04 Apr Alice makes a monumental decision and Tracy’s suspicions are raised.
05 Apr Plans are afoot at Brookfield, and Freddie spies a new opportunity.
06 Apr Chris fights fire with fire and Vince makes an unexpected offer.
07 Apr There’s a new face at Grey Gables and Alice smells a rat.


“It will be a 200-foot-tall statue of Me, with the inscription The Perfect Mother.”

Rob the Torch approves of this approach.