One-liners to Aug 17

5 Aug Freddie’s nightmare continues, and Harrison is conflicted.
6 Aug Kate is on the attack, and Rex faces some awkward questions.
7 Aug Susan’s attitude proves surprising, and history repeats itself for Roy.
8 Aug Susan’s birthday ends in fireworks, and Toby is set an impossible challenge.
9 Aug Elizabeth’s situation goes from bad to worse, and Alistair makes a decision.
10 Aug Lily faces an onslaught, and it’s daggers drawn for Jazzer.

12 Aug Pressure mounts for Elizabeth, and Fallon wakes up to a shock.
13 Aug Johnny loses his cool, and Josh attempts to secure his future.
14 Aug Kenton has a brainwave, and Lynda discovers the truth.
15 Aug Pip makes a decision, and Alistair receives a touching gesture.
16 Aug Freddie faces the music, and Elizabeth makes a terrible mistake.
17 Aug The wedding day dawns for Harrison and Fallon, and Susan comes to the rescue.


Freddie is in court. Elizabeth tries to cover up for him and gets done for perverting the course of justice.


…and it was all a dream! But you were there, and you were there…