One-liners to August 16

28 Jul Emma is left humiliated and Adam is forced to reveal some harsh truths.
29 Jul Jazzer goes too far in his quest for justice and Jim is shocked by an unexpected request.
30 Jul Will attempts to make amends and Ruth takes offence.
31 Jul There’s a glimmer of hope for Neil and Lynda makes the ultimate sacrifice.
01 Aug Tracy offers her support as a situation becomes desperate and Kate hatches a plan.
02 Aug It’s the end of the line for Ed and Clarrie’s worries increase.

04 Aug Neil proves a calming influence and Lynda comes to the rescue.
05 Aug Kate makes her feelings clear and things don’t go to plan for Kirsty.
06 Aug Ed has a confession to make and Susan is desperate to make things right.
07 Aug Oliver finds himself unexpectedly impressed and there’s tension at Brookfield.
08 Aug There’s bad news for Jazzer and Jakob gets the wrong end of the stick.
09 Aug Clarrie reaches the end of her tether and Eddie attempts a cover up.

11 Aug Alice hatches a cunning plan and there’s a crisis at Home Farm.
12 Aug Susan struggles to put things right and the pressure is on for Freddie.
13 Aug Emma attempts to face the future and Will feels guilty.
14 Aug The past returns to haunt Will and Jazzer makes a monumental error.
15 Aug Kate faces the unexpected and Tracy’s girls night in does not go as planned.
16 Aug Jazzer’s frustrations get the better of him and it’s a big day for Shula.


“I’m going to drink ALL THE GIN!”

“We’ve run out of gin!”

“We’ve only got Tanqueray…”

“I’ve got a mate who could get a pallet of Hendricks, but it might not be entirely, well, you know…”

“Bacardi Breezers!”

I shouldn’t have had that extra shot for Nic.

We’ve all had mornings like that.

“There’s whiskey in my bag… no, wait, argh…”

“Here’s a bottle Alice didn’t find.”

“Moscow Mule? You can’t get drunk on these!”