One-liners to August 2

14 Jul Alistair faces an impossible task and Peggy has a change of heart.
15 Jul Clarrie makes a shocking discovery and Natasha attempts diplomacy.
16 Jul It’s an emotional day for Jim, and Ben goes to extreme lengths.
17 Jul Peggy’s scheme attracts attention and Lilian oversteps the mark.
18 Jul Shula comes to the rescue and it’s a wild night out for the Aldridge family.
19 Jul Jim attempts to make amends and Tom is left speechless.

21 Jul Shula makes a decision and Clarrie looks to the future.
22 Jul Jazzer attempts to conceal his frustration and the pressure piles on Tom.
23 Jul Rex finds himself at a crossroads and Phoebe tries to get her point across.
24 Jul Is Ed’s ordeal finally over? And Toby solves a mystery at The Bull.
25 Jul Jim reveals his true feelings and Pat reaches a compromise.
26 Jul Will’s actions have terrible consequences and Adam finds himself backed into a corner.

28 Jul Emma is left humiliated and Adam is forced to reveal some harsh truths.
29 Jul Jazzer goes too far in his quest for justice and Jim is shocked by an unexpected request.
30 Jul Will attempts to make amends and Ruth takes offence.
31 Jul There’s a glimmer of hope for Neil and Lynda makes the ultimate sacrifice.
01 Aug Tracy offers her support as a situation becomes desperate and Kate hatches a plan.
02 Aug It’s the end of the line for Ed and Clarrie’s worries increase.


Greater love hath no woman than this, to lay down her panto for her friends.

Promises, promises.