One-liners to Dec 14

25 Nov The stress continues to pile on Lily, and Ben has a confession to make.
26 Nov There’s an awkward dinner at Bridge Farm and Tom makes a surprising decision.
27 Nov Kenton is caught out and Neil is shocked by Justin’s attitude.
28 Nov Roy takes desperate measures and Hannah hatches a plan.
29 Nov There’s a significant development for the Aldridges and Jazzer offers support.
30 Nov Rex proves an unlikely shoulder to cry on and Fallon has some advice.

02 Dec Helen’s plans go awry and Ben finds himself recruited.
03 Dec Lily makes a promise she may not be able to keep and Jennifer is outraged.
04 Dec Tony imparts bad news and Phoebe offers an unconventional solution.
05 Dec Elizabeth finds herself overwhelmed and Will is feeling the strain.
06 Dec Emotions stir for Helen and Hannah attempts to conceal her true feelings.
07 Dec Disaster strikes for Lynda, and Roy worries about Lexi.

09 Dec Ben has his arm twisted and it’s a bad day for Will.
10 Dec Alistair comes to the rescue and Tony has a change of heart.
11 Dec Elizabeth makes a surprising decision and Christine remains adamant.
12 Dec There’s a visitor at Lower Loxley and Tom makes a breakthrough.
13 Dec Lily finds herself torn and Jill issues an invitation.
14 Dec There’s a ray of hope for David and Brian continues to hit a brick wall.