One-liners to Dec 8 (Dec 3 missing)

24 Nov Peggy is left horrified, and Adam takes the initiative.

26 Nov Brian has a reputation to protect, and Ian is feeling fancifully festive.
27 Nov Jennifer learns something shocking, and Rex finds himself out of favour.
28 Nov Noluthando has some tough love for Freddie, and Lexi is full of encouragement.
29 Nov Alan does some award-worthy buttering up, and David puts his foot in it.
30 Nov Lilian has an unlikely heart to heart, and Emma is on tenterhooks.
1 Dec Justin has a big decision to make, and Pip confides in Elizabeth.

3 Dec
4 Dec There is a shock in store for Ian, and Eddie hatches a plan.
5 Dec Jennifer is concerned, and Elizabeth imparts some advice.
6 Dec The panto rehearsal descends into chaos, and Lilian feels guilty.
7 Dec Lexi offers a shoulder to cry on, and Brian puts his foot in it.
8 Dec Lilian finally faces the truth, and Toby is forced to grow up.