One-liners to December 16th

20 Nov Neil needs a few recruits, and Kenton’s feeling his patience tested.
21 Nov Jolene spends some quality time, and who’s making George blush?
22 Nov Tracy looks forward to warming up, and Alistair offers some advice.
23 Nov David does some plain speaking, and will Paul make a connection?
24 Nov Ruairi needs to up his game, and Ruth is feeling frustrated.
25 Nov Are Jolene and Fallon on the same wavelength? David is looking forward.

27 Nov Tracy is getting ready for Christmas, and Mick is getting muddled.
28 Nov Ben has no time for distractions, and Pip has her fingers crossed.
29 Nov Has Jolene got her man? David remembers Christmases past.
30 Nov Chelsea has some unexpected company, and Stella is feeling crafty.
01 Dec Tracy is given something to think about, and Kirsty offers some romantic advice.
02 Dec A calming voice is needed in a crisis, and Rex questions himself.

4 Dec The ramifications continue at Brookfield, and Kirsty lends a hand.
5 Dec Leonard is stunned by a heartbreaking confession, and Fallon offers some advice.
6 Dec Eddie spots a golden opportunity, and Joy takes a big step.
7 Dec Emma plays the host with the most, and can Tracy get back on track?
8 Dec Leonard attempts to do the right thing, and Chelsea has big plans.
9 Dec David fears for the future, while Ed is surprised by a sudden change of heart.

11 Dec The pressure mounts on Brookfield, and Jazzer is feeling frustrated.
12 Dec There’s romance on the cards for the Grundys, and George finds himself on the spot.
13 Dec One resident makes a drunken admission, and emotions threaten to overwhelm Ruth.
14 Dec Neil resorts to surprising methods, and Kirsty turns detective.
15 Dec It’s a big day for Pip, while Tracy proves a tough nut to crack.
16 Dec Rex faces a terrible dilemma, and Fallon has a mountain to climb.