One-liners to December 20


26 Nov It’s crunch time for Phoebe, and Justin has yet more tricks up his sleeve.
27 Nov Elizabeth puts her foot down and Lynda is keen to maintain tradition.
28 Nov Harrison is shocked by some harsh criticism and Russ gets his wires crossed.
29 Nov Justin’s scheme takes shape and Lynda finds herself in trouble.

01 Dec Josh finds himself in trouble and Phoebe pushes forwards.
02 Dec Helen is in a quandary and the Bridge Farm Archers rally round.
03 Dec Brian takes a risk and Will receives an unexpected invitation.
04 Dec Pip expresses her reservations and Lynda is in demand.
05 Dec Clarrie laments on the past and Josh’s plans gather pace.
06 Dec There’s a shock for Helen while Pat has gifts on her mind.

08 Dec Helen gets a surprise and Emma saves the day.
09 Dec Tracy’s card is marked and there’s congratulations for Pip.
10 Dec Robert gets a scare and Neil makes a tragic discovery.
11 Dec David gets fired up and Neil makes his case.
12 Dec Tony makes a mistake and Helen’s feeling loved up.
13 Dec David makes an intervention and the rewilders are thrown into disarray.

15 Dec Lilian attempts to keep the peace and Helen issues an invitation.
16 Dec There’s trouble at Brookfield and Tracy digs her heels in.
17 Dec Helen braces herself for a difficult conversation and Lynda makes her presence felt.
18 Dec Phoebe tries to make amends and Brian issues some home truths.
19 Dec Tom discovers some worrying information and there’s an early Christmas present for Kirsty.
20 Dec The noose tightens on David and Will has a confession to make.


Oooh. Good boy Oliver !


The fruit’s not been picked.


We knew that already, dere. First place, rewilding; second, carbon-neutral coos


Oh Lord! She’s going to Explain All to Farting Lee* about her reaction to his advances on that previous occasion, isn’t she?

  • Which reminds me of a chap I knew years ago, known to all as fartin’ Martin. He was rather a good trumpet player. At both ends, unfortunately.


It doesn’t mean Tom’s aware though.


[nods head gloomily] I’m afraid so, TFM. Note that she is ‘loved up’ on December 12. Right, she’ll be Forever Fragile as far as Lee is concerned. Just the way Helen likes people to be around her.


I’d just like to point out that this could legitimately describe a terrible Panzerfaust-related accident.


If there’s one thing I luvs more than another about you, Sparrer, it is your unquenchable optimism.

Meanwhile, isn’t ‘a small, disposable pre-loaded launch tube’ how Henwy was inflicted on the world?


December 20 is now up. Hmm, noose tightens? What is David up to?


“Just a mistake. The landing lightbulb blew”


Scrabbling futilely at his neck, with any luck?


I think we will have wor Roooothie trying to loosen the noose