One-liners to December 9

14 Nov Roy’s walking on egg shells while Jennifer’s feelings are bruised.
15 Nov Elizabeth comes bearing gifts and Adam attempts to settle in.
16 Nov Lynda has a tall order for Kirsty while Fallon is left reeling.
17 Nov Mia puts her foot down while Natasha’s feeling claustrophobic.
18 Nov Tony lends his shoulder, and Eddie has a brainwave.

21 Nov It’s a big day for Eddie and Clarrie, and Oliver steps up to the mark.
22 Nov Lynda’s feeling a cut above the rest while Jazzer and Will hatch a plan.
23 Nov Chelsea strikes a deal and Ruth feels bogged down.
24 Nov Ed tries to keep a lid on it while the cat’s out of the bag for Alan.
25 Nov Jazzer asks for help and Chelsea lends a hand.

28 Nov Chelsea struggles to keep control and Peggy faces a ghost from the past.
29 Nov Lynda finds it hard to let go of the reins and Lilian has a crisis of confidence.
30 Nov Eddie finds himself doing the donkey work and Kate has her suspicions.
01 Dec Harrison attempts to get to the truth and Mia faces a personal struggle.
02 Dec Rex has reservations and Lynda is on a mission.

05 Dec Natasha’s on the move and Lynda has a surprise visitor.
06 Dec Johnny’s getting snappy while Hazel has it all worked out.
07 Dec Fallon puts her foot in it and Susan doesn’t like what she sees.
08 Dec Eddie gets his own back and Natasha has the wrong end of the stick.
09 Dec Tom is thrown into a panic and Natasha can’t get a word in edgeways.