One-liners to Feb 22


05 Feb It’s judgement day for Brian and Pip is not impressed.
06 Feb It’s all change for Alistair and there’s an unexpected invitation for Kirsty.
07 Feb There’s a guest at Brookfield and Toby has a solution to his current problems.
08 Feb Elizabeth is forced to confront the truth and there’s a sad goodbye for Lexi.

10 Feb Emma’s attempts to help backfire and Elizabeth struggles to keep up appearances.
11 Feb There’s bad news for Brian and Ian waves the white flag.
12 Feb Kenton has concerns over the future of Lower Loxley and the prodigal returns.
13 Feb Elizabeth faces her demons and attempts the first step to recovery.
14 Feb Will receives a shock and Helen’s evening takes an unexpected turn.
15 Feb Tracy stands accused and Roy takes pity.

17 Feb Lily makes a big decision and Clarrie proves to be a source of inspiration.
18 Feb Ruairi comes to the rescue and Elizabeth feels guilty.
19 Feb Peggy offers some advice and it’s stalemate at Bridge Farm.
20 Feb Jill is shocked by the truth about recent events and Kenton pleads for mercy.
21 Feb Will struggles as Nic’s anniversary approaches and Susan deals with an emergency.
22 Feb Lily fears for the future and Alan is owed an apology.


Who’s sad about it ?

Cheering from the rooftops in Marford.


I hope that she has gone for good, with the baby. No child should be brought up by that grumpy pair .


I’ve lost the plot now. Joe, what did you actually first go in for ?


Three more days added. Who is the ‘prodigal’? It’s a bit early for it to be Freddie, isn’t it?


The full three weeks are now there but no cast list on the Friday entry on the BBC site. Still, we obviously have Tracy, which is good.

Helen’s evening taking an unexpected turn … I’d love to think she was going to get another visit from Jess but no such luck I’m afraid. It’ll be some soppy gesture from Lee.


Greg’s ghost? And probably Annette’s…


Up to Feb 21, but still no Friday and therefore no cast list for that week.


Still waiting for Russ to sell a painting, she gives him the elbow.


Which would mean Lily wailing and drooping around at home (obviously she’d run home to mum rather than try to pay her own way), rather than being usefully absent. Not much fun for the listeners.

Which is why I have trouble with this whole “Elizabeth is terribly fraught” idea; if I had a daughter like Lily I’d be very happy that she was ruining her own life in her own way, rather than ruining her life and mine at the same time.

Push 'em out of the nest and see if they can fly. :heart:less sparrer, that’s me.


We’ve finally got Friday Feb 22 one-liner and a cast list.