One-liners to February 24

06 Feb Fallon has a bone to pick and Kate struggles to let go.
07 Feb Mia issues a stern warning and Tom relives his painful past.
08 Feb Wires are crossed for Chelsea, and Phoebe is on a mission.
09 Feb Tom takes some emotional steps and Kirsty considers what could have been.
10 Feb Natasha is stunned by an unexpected gesture and Amy feels guilty.

13 Feb There’s a shock for Rex, and Brian makes an unexpected offer.
14 Feb Kate is on a mission and there’s bonding at The Bull.
15 Feb Jim lays out some ground rules and Jennifer has concerns.
16 Feb Peggy finds herself conflicted and Alice considers her future.
17 Feb Kirsty makes a big decision while Chelsea makes a friend.

20 Feb Pip finds herself unstuck and Alice takes a step in the right direction.
21 Feb Rex faces his accusers and Tracy is on a quest.
22 Feb One resident attempts to play Cupid and speculation mounts about Rex.
23 Feb Nerves are frayed at Berrow and Chris faces a negotiation.
24 Feb Amy faces the consequences of her actions and Brian makes a controversial move.


“Danger: Broken Railing”

No half-measures:


Thanks, that really cheered me up. I had been gloomily thinking about everything going well for Alice. Still haven’t quite got over the ‘Jennifer’s Tough Love’ scene where Martha getting chicken pox turned out as I feared to be the Making of Alice as she finally Embraced Motherhood. (Sorry, Gus, if that made you feel a bit ill. It did me 'n all. Don’t see why I should suffer alone.)


Me too TFM

And the show Daddy his lickle angel was pure boak inducing

And merry japes with Kate and Pheeble to come too

Defenestration of phone might happen


Twellsy, you are so right!