One-liners to February 7

19 Jan Ian is determined to uncover the truth and Eddie is not happy with recent developments.
20 Jan Philip makes a controversial suggestion and Natasha’s efforts take their toll.
21 Jan Helen offers some tough love and Jolene starts to have second thoughts.
22 Jan It’s a big day for Jim and there’s an awkward encounter for Lee.
23 Jan Jim is shocked by an emotional confession and Rex finds himself accused.
24 Jan Kirsty has a change of heart and Burns Night proves a disappointment for some.

26 Jan Jim is surprised by an unexpected visitor and Philip puts his foot in it.
27 Jan There’s chaos at Brookfield and Alistair digs for information.
28 Jan Josh hits rock bottom and Johnny makes a lifestyle change.
29 Jan Kate’s idea looks set to cause ructions and Gavin continues to make his presence felt.
30 Jan Neil faces a dilemma and Jim defies expectations.
31 Jan Kirsty faces a shock and Josh holds his hands up.

02 Feb Kirsty attempts to keep the peace and Pip reaches the end of her tether.
03 Feb Kate makes her presence felt and Neil questions his future.
04 Feb Lynda goes into battle and Neil reaches a decision.
05 Feb Lee has a confession to make and Freddie makes a fool of himself.
06 Feb There’s more bad news at Brookfield and Jill attempts to rally the family.
07 Feb There’s a shock for Alice and Kirsty makes a breakthrough.


… oooer, Mrs.

… well, quite. See above.

… but, unfortunately for him, the policeman fires anyway.

… this is about his wife & kids I guess.


This ‘tough love’ - it’s going to tell Kirsty she does want to get married, isn’t it? Helen’s job is to tell Kirsty - or anyone else for that matter - that whatever she is doing is wrong.


It has been suggested (by yon Fish, in conversation) that they will end up going for a Civil Partnership.

No doubt because the ignorant listening masses need informing that you won’t catch the Gay from having one of them (that bit’s me, btw).


IMO there’s absolutely no point in the continuing existence of CPs as distinct from civil marriages. (And the Crown dependencies like the Caymans that are still scared of The Gay – they’ve amended their marriage definition recently to make marriage equality harder to achieve – don’t recognise them at all.)


So Helen is going to bossily tell Kirsty she must have a CP to protect her interests, isn’t she?


Ah, but by opting for a CP rather than a CM you are throwing off the shackles of the patriarchy. Allegedly.