One-liners to Jan 4

16 Dec The pressure gets to Lily and Christmas at Brookfield looks set to be a memorable affair.
17 Dec Pat resorts to drastic measures and Tom learns the truth.
18 Dec Helen receives a helping hand and Ruairi attempts to drum up support.
19 Dec There’s a shock for Brian and Roy finds himself caught in the middle.
20 Dec Elizabeth is left terrified and Emma finds herself in a sticky situation.
21 Dec There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Jennifer and Kirsty is livid.

23 Dec Lynda issues a terrifying ultimatum and it’s all change for Brian.
24 Dec Emma is touched by some heartfelt words and Ben resorts to blackmail.
25 Dec There’s tension over the turkey at Brookfield and Jenny faces an alternative Christmas.
26 Dec Elizabeth continues to cause concern and Ruairi’s scheme is revealed.
27 Dec There’s panic at Brookfield and Ruth’s nerves get the better of her.
28 Dec The curtain goes up for The Canterbury Tales and things are looking up for Ed.

30 Dec Jennifer struggles with her emotions and Pat attempts to find out the truth.
31 Dec Ben and Ruairi face disappointment and there’s a near miss for Helen.
01 Jan Lily has a confession to make and Adam plots a cover up.
02 Jan Hannah has concerns about Tom and things are looking up for Ed.
03 Jan Elizabeth attempts a brave face and Tracy declares war.
04 Jan Helen throws caution to the wind and Lexi is shocked by some harsh words.


Lazy writing: it’s a whole lot of no fun and Jenny has a horrible time. Shouting ensues.
More interesting writing: Jenny finds that dumping all the faff and fuss is strangely liberating.

Guess which we’ll get.


Neither. The alternative version will retreat in the face of the Rabbit Fairy - to be pulled out of Brian’s hat - and all will be happiness and light.

But do not despair: the smart money is on a lot of angst and shoutiness, some of it through gobsful of pigeon terrine*, at Brookfield.

  • Ruth would really be happier with Shippams beef paste, of course, or even bloater, but Jill’s fished a pigeon out of the water tank, and waste not, want not.

Time to reconcile the old and the new: pigeon terrine spread onto a microwave pizza.


Tom finds the truth.
Kirsty is livid.
Hannah has concerns for Tom.

So … is the Welsh woman exposed ? I do hope so. … & also that Tom is devastated by it all.

The worst, however, is thst it seems like Helen is putting the baster away.


An improvement on ‘gravid’. Wonder what situation that is absolutely nothing to do with her is chafing her backside this time.

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I still want her to do something sensible. As it might be: