One-liners to January 10

15 Dec Lilian attempts to keep the peace and Helen issues an invitation.
16 Dec There’s trouble at Brookfield and Tracy digs her heels in.
17 Dec Helen braces herself for a difficult conversation and Lynda makes her presence felt.
18 Dec Phoebe tries to make amends and Brian issues some home truths.
19 Dec Tom discovers some worrying information and there’s an early Christmas present for Kirsty.
20 Dec The noose tightens on David and Will has a confession to make.

22 Dec Rex gets an answer and Kenton has another sleepless night.
23 Dec It’s Jim’s big night and Jazzer comes to the rescue.
24 Dec Tom gets suspicious and Joy makes a guest appearance.
25 Dec It’s Christmas day at Bridge Farm and Tom puts his foot in it.
26 Dec There’s upheaval for The Bull and Kenton makes a mistake.
27 Dec Philip gets a shock and Phoebe makes a peace offering.

29 Dec There’s trouble at Grey Gables and Pip’s got to make her mind up.
30 Dec Lee feels awkward and Justin offers some words of wisdom.
31 Dec It’s New Year’s Eve at The Bull and Helen’s dressed to impress.
01 Jan Kenton despairs and Jim’s feeling green.
02 Jan Kirsty speaks her mind and Phoebe’s feeling low.
03 Jan Jazzer gets some shocking news and faces a dilemma.

05 Jan There’s a shocking proposal at The Bull and Philip attempts to keep the peace.
06 Jan Jim struggles with his emotions and Justin knocks heads together.
07 Jan Lilian has a brainwave and Josh returns to trouble at Brookfield.
08 Jan Jim’s attitude causes problems and Neil offers some words of advice.
09 Jan There’s hope on the horizon for Oliver and Jolene has an announcement to make.
10 Jan Kirsty is bowled over and Alistair is horrified by a controversial plan.


…well, any truble at t’BrokeFailed sounds promising, (…let’s all hope it’s more serious than just “One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treddle”) - and sounds like Tracee is trying to break in OllieFoxBrush! (…shouts of “Ride 'im Cow-gril!”)
(…Note to self: Self: …you must remember to lay in more supplies of baccy!)


…just one mistake? :thinking:


Promises, promises.

[well-deserved slap]

“Why do I have only one gin, when I have two hands?”

“She’s out a whole degree”
I told them as I floated
Checking navigation readouts
“Re-enter at this angle and we’ll fry”

“Hello! I’m still alive!”



Oh, not too quickly, one hopes! :slightly_smiling_face:

…a trifle late for that, eh? (…oops, wrong Philip (…I wuz gettin’ confuserated by ‘im bein’ a JP!)) (…er, um younger listeners might not get that one! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

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Oo’er, missus.