One-liners to January 13th

11 Dec The pressure mounts on Brookfield, and Jazzer is feeling frustrated.
12 Dec There’s romance on the cards for the Grundys, and George finds himself on the spot.
13 Dec One resident makes a drunken admission, and emotions threaten to overwhelm Ruth.
14 Dec Neil resorts to surprising methods, and Kirsty turns detective.
15 Dec It’s a big day for Pip, while Tracy proves a tough nut to crack.
16 Dec Rex faces a terrible dilemma, and Fallon has a mountain to climb.

18 Dec Who needs to get something off their chest? Alice faces the end of an era.
19 Dec Ruth shares a painful memory, and Emma feels under pressure.
20 Dec Fallon comes to a realisation, and is Brian’s hospitality welcome?
21 Dec Ben has an important errand to run, and Jakob gets some domestic help
22 Dec Who’s ready for a quick duet? Kate remembers Christmases past.
23 Dec It’s time for Jolene and Fallon to compare notes. Can one family come together for Christmas?

25 Dec Will it be a Merry Christmas at Brookfield? Jazzer has an idea.
26 Dec Tony receives a gift from his sister, and Chelsea takes the initiative.
27 Dec A decision is made at Brookfield, and Leonard is ready with his repair kit.
28 Dec Fallon has a troubling theory, and David feels like the villain.
29 Dec Not everyone enjoys Will’s Christmas story, and Pip admires Rosie’s handiwork.
30 Dec Does Brad have the winning formula? Kenton offers brotherly advice.

01 Jan There’s a New Year Party at the Bull, and a moment of reflection for Elizabeth.
02 Jan Stella is taking the initiative, and Tracy wonders what’s up.
03 Jan What is Pip’s New Year’s Resolution? Susan wants to turn back the clock.
04 Jan Ruth and David get some advice, and can Vince make amends?
05 Jan Will a dinner party leave a bitter taste? Brian and Stella join forces.
06 Jan Elizabeth is caught in the middle, and Pip catches up with an old friend.

08 Jan Kate is feeling apprehensive, and Jazzer needs a personal favour.
09 Jan Joy volunteers her skills, and Pat offers advice.
10 Jan Could Jim use a helping hand? A new face looks familiar.
11 Jan Justin gets community spirited, and has Alan been forgiven?
12 Jan Adam has an exciting idea, and yoga is very popular today.
13 Jan Kirsty looks forward to a cold dip, and will Susan’s gamble pay off?