One-liners to January 27th

22 Jan Things are hotting up in the kitchen for Adam before some shocking news arrives.
23 Jan The Aldridges are all at sea, and Stella finds herself out of the loop.
24 Jan It’s the middle of the night, and Alice and Chris have arrived in London.
25 Jan Tony is trying to find peace and quiet in his workshop, and the Aldridge siblings want some answers.
26 Jan David finds himself in a tricky situation, while Ruth has some advice for a fellow farmer
27 Jan At the end of a challenging week, Alice makes an amazing discovery, and will friends help one of their own in crisis?


Demise of JD?
Ruairi arrested for involvement in some shady scam or other of Julieanne’s?


“Your job was to look pretty and keep your mouth shut. Now it’s to take the fall for Ms Big. A few years inside, a nice cushy job when you get out, this could see you set up for life. Or not. It’s up to you.”