One-liners to July 13

24 Jun Lilian makes a mistake, and Pat is on the warpath.
25 Jun Tom looks to the future, and David needs a favour.
26 Jun Anisha drops a bombshell, and Neil is forced to hold his tongue.
27 Jun Brian puts his foot down, and Josh pushes the boundaries.
28 Jun Phoebe’s birthday proves surprising, and Lynda is confident of success.
29 Jun Kate causes uproar, and Lily is left devastated.

1 Jul Jennifer struggles to keep the peace and Ruth takes the plunge.
2 Jul Tom searches for direction, and Rex is torn.
3 Jul There’s a shock for Emma, and Adam puts his foot down.
4 Jul Alistair faces temptation, and Will has a change of heart.
5 Jul Lily makes excuses, and Alice is on the warpath.
6 Jul Brian needs help, and Jazzer saves the day.

8 Jul Brian apportions blame, and Emma makes a stand.
9 Jul An old face returns to Ambridge, and Robert has a challenge on his hands.
10 Jul Ruth considers her options, and Anisha attempts to explain.
11 Jul Kate admits her true feelings, and David offers a solution.
12 Jul Jennifer comes to a painful decision, and Susan has a cunning plan.
13 Jul Brian finds himself at a crossroads, and Neil is compromised.


And how is this different from her usual “it’s all about Meeeeee”?


Does she lurve Tobee ?