One-liners to July 14th

25 Jun Eddie has a trick up his sleeve, and tension rises at Beechwood.
26 Jun Helen has a new determination, and Mia finds herself becoming an accomplice
27 Jun Ruth proves to be a friend indeed, and there’s a dilemma for Harrison.
28 Jun Justin is feeling confident, but concerns are growing for Fallon.
29 Jun Questions are raised about the charging station, and Jim has a battle on his hands.
30 Jun Tom makes a surprising offer, and Lynda finds herself a new task.

02 Jul Brad has a crisis of confidence, and Neil tries to maintain control.
03 Jul There’s trouble for Henry, and plans are afoot for the wedding of the year.
04 Jul Jim drops a shocking bombshell, and Susan offers the benefit of her experience.
05 Jul There are difficult questions for Helen, and Jazzer makes a friend.
06 Jul Will Jazzer and Tracy’s wedding go without a hitch, while Brad faces a surprising situation.
07 Jul Tracy is touched by a surprising gesture, and Mia takes the plunge.

09 Jul Susan finds herself in a war zone, and Fallon attempts to secure her position.
10 Jul Tom faces a tricky dilemma, and Lynda is on a mission.
11 Jul Things come to a head at Berrow, and Harrison makes a decision.
12 Jul Tempers flare for the Carters, and Pip dreams big.
13 Jul Helen finds herself on the spot, and the fallout continues for George.
14 Jul There’s earth-shattering news for someone, and Fallon awaits a decision.


“It’s called a Durandal, it’s a Cold-War-era runway cratering munition - basically it punches through the earth and then explodes to make a cavity, and the surface collapses into it. But what we still don’t know is why someone should have dropped a bunch of them over Ambridge.”