One-liners to July 19

30 Jun Emotions run high at Greenacres as they struggle to come to terms with events.
01 Jul Jazzer feels compelled to act and Alistair preaches caution.
02 Jul Tom’s worried history repeats and Ben’s feeling confident.
03 Jul Alan steps into the breach and Shula feels she’s overstepped the mark.
04 Jul Tom seizes an opportunity and Justin feels side-lined.
05 Jul Emma gets a shock and Ed is in over his head.

07 Jul Jim vows to do the right thing and Tom has a difficult subject to raise.
08 Jul Lilian’s birthday does not go as planned and Eddie’s latest scheme starts to bear fruit.
09 Jul Jazzer oversteps the mark and Alice faces a challenging day.
10 Jul Shula finds herself in need of a friend and Clarrie faces a problem at Grange Farm.
11 Jul There’s an unexpected visitor at Greenacres and Will demands answers.
12 Jul Recent events threaten to overwhelm Alistair and Adam has a change of heart.

14 Jul Alistair faces an impossible task and Peggy has a change of heart.
15 Jul Clarrie makes a shocking discovery and Natasha attempts diplomacy.
16 Jul It’s an emotional day for Jim, and Ben goes to extreme lengths.
17 Jul Peggy’s scheme attracts attention and Lilian oversteps the mark.
18 Jul Shula comes to the rescue and it’s a wild night out for the Aldridge family.
19 Jul Jim attempts to make amends and Tom is left speechless.


Is this the end for Joe?


I do hope so.