One-liners to July 20

8 Jul Brian apportions blame, and Emma makes a stand.
9 Jul An old face returns to Ambridge, and Robert has a challenge on his hands.
10 Jul Ruth considers her options, and Anisha attempts to explain.
11 Jul Kate admits her true feelings, and David offers a solution.
12 Jul Jennifer comes to a painful decision, and Susan has a cunning plan.
13 Jul Brian finds himself at a crossroads, and Neil is compromised.

15 Jul Alice struggles to come to terms with recent events and Freddie looks to the future.
16 Jul Shula is shocked by a request, and Jennifer causes concern.
17 Jul Lilian discovers the truth, and Alistair considers his options.
18 Jul Brian’s day goes from bad to worse, and Joe is left in an embarrassing position.
19 Jul There’s an emergency for Toby, and Johnny is touched by an act of kindness.
20 Jul Jennifer’s heart breaks, and Jazzer inadvertently leads a friend down a dark path.


“It tastes of… parma violets… man.”