One-liners to July 29

12 July There’s a surprise for Eddie while Ruth attempts to reassure a loved one.
13 July The nerves set in for Ben and there’s an emergency dash for Ed.
14 July Lee faces a tricky dilemma and Phoebe’s suspicions are raised.
15 July The truth comes out for Helen and the future is looking bright at Brookfield.

19 July There’s a shock for Brian, and Helen faces a tough opponent.
20 July Alan has a brainwave and Kirsty does some digging.
21 July Helen makes a breakthrough and Chris faces a race against time.
22 July Ian’s suspicions are raised and Ruairi attempts some subtle manipulation.

26 July Ian demands the truth and Roy makes an impression.
27 July It’s crisis point for Adam and Lynda is keen to up the ante.
28 July Roy has romance on his mind and Kate puts her foot in it.
29 July Lilian finds herself taken along for the ride and Phoebe feels guilty.


Elizabeth: “It’s what Nigel would have wanted.”

Kate: “Are you sure you’re my daughter?”


I don’t want to think about that. At all.

'This cheese is not for turning ’

“How terrible that I took up a place at Oxford which somebody else could have made good use of”

…as Pip goes down for the third time* in the slurry pit.

*a conservative estimate


Do they even have a slurry pit any more? The poo lagoons seem to have dried up and blown away without anyone noticing.