One-liners to July 29th

10 Jul Haymaking skills are put to the test, and Ben makes an observation.
11 Jul George seems to know it all, and Lilian feels optimistic.
12 Jul Helen is keen to keep things personal, and why is Pip so thoughtful?
13 Jul Oliver is reminded of the past, and Adam needs a winning strategy.
14 Jul Chelsea knows where her loyalty lies, and Clarrie offers a comforting cuppa.
15 Jul Is Shula onto a winner? There’s news for Tracy.

17 Jul Brad considers his future, and Clarrie looks on the bright side.
18 Jul Natasha needs reassurance, and can Tracy keep hiding her feelings?
19 Jul Chelsea is feeling generous, and Alice offers some advice.
20 Jul Jill needs to rethink her plans, and is Shula on the right path?
21 Jul Oliver fears a wasted opportunity, and Pat appreciates some support.
22 Jul Justin enjoys a change of scene, and Tom knows what he wants.

24 Jul There’s a new face at April Cottage, and Chelsea has the rug pulled from under her.
25 Jul Susan considers an extreme solution, and there’s a thaw for Brian.
26 Jul Disaster strikes at the post office and Tom feels overwhelmed.
27 Jul Fingers of suspicion are pointed in Ambridge, and Natasha’s mum makes her presence felt.
28 Jul Freddie is mightily impressed and Eddie places his bets.
29 Jul A solution is presented for Tom and Lily makes plans for the future.


I favour aqua regia.


Where do you obtain such a wonderful fluid wee birdie?


Your local branch of Deadly-Chemicals-R-Us?