One-liners to June 14

24 May Tom puts his heart on the line but will he be able to safeguard his future?

26 May Jim tries to get to the truth and Shula doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.
27 May Kirsty looks to the future and the Single Wicket proves a sore point for Chris.
28 May Natasha attempts to build bridges and there’s a mysterious guest at Brookfield.
29 May Kate’s new project has unexpected consequences and Adam has reservations.
30 May Jim puts his foot in it and Alistair offers support.
31 May The bunting trickster is revealed and Philip receives a surprising offer.

02 Jun Lynda is faced with an unexpected challenge and Harrison attempts to nail the bunting thief.
03 Jun Kate has a shocking suggestion and Josh turns the tables.
04 Jun Elizabeth braces herself for the truth and Jill loses her temper.
05 Jun Ed finds himself cornered while Adam and Ian take the plunge.
06 Jun Alistair takes a walk down memory lane and Natasha leads the charge.
07 Jun Excitement builds for Jim’s tribute night and things go from bad to worse for Ed.

09 Jun Lynda makes her mark at Open Farm Sunday and Alice finds herself on the spot.
10 Jun A mysterious invitation is issued and Alistair fears he’s done the wrong thing.
11 Jun Jill takes a step forwards and Ben has great pleasure in revealing Ruairi’s masterplan.
12 Jun Lilian finds herself out in the cold and Jim loses his temper.
13 Jun Jim issues a shocking instruction and the mystery surrounding Peggy’s activities deepens.
14 Jun Peggy makes an announcement and Lilian refuses to take no for an answer.


But who packed her parachute?

Two for one!