One-liners to June 16th

28 May There’s trouble at the cricket, and Oliver offers some words of encouragement.
29 May Helen puts her foot down, and Brian makes a surprising discovery.
30 May Lee makes a big gesture, and Ian struggles with a complicated situation.
31 May Freddie’s frustrations grow, and there’s a surprise encounter for Brian.
01 Jun Oliver finds himself in trouble, and Harrison finds himself a new challenge.
02 Jun There’s a showdown at Home Farm, and a mystery is solved for Jim.

4 Jun The drama continues at Home Farm, and Ben has reservations.
5 Jun Things get desperate at Bridge Farm, and Emma struggles to maintain control.
6 Jun Justin spies an opportunity, and Elizabeth tries to offer reassurance.
7 Jun Tom reaches the end of his tether, and Susan has a brainwave.
8 Jun Brian has the rug pulled from under him, and Freddie is feeling restless.
9 Jun Lee takes a massive step, and George is confident of success.

11 Jun Events spiral for Tom, while Ben offers a suggestion.
12 Jun There’s a nasty shock for Helen, and Brian makes the effort.
13 Jun Freddie takes the bull by the horns, and Helen’s situation becomes more desperate.
14 Jun Stella finds herself at a crossroads, and Vince puts an offer on the table.
15 Jun Kirsty has huge reservations, and there’s an emotional farewell for Brian.
16 Jun A familiar face makes a dramatic return, and one villager struggles to stay in control.