One-liners to June 17th

29 May Brian feels hard done by, and Jim has advice for Jazzer.
30 May Roy has a troubling flashback. Can Chelsea face her phobia?
31 May What’s the story with Adil? David tries his hand at photography.
01 Jun Tracy knows when she’s on to a good thing, and the numbers don’t add up for Ruth.
02 Jun It’s all work and no play for Brian, and why is Jazzer keeping everyone waiting?
03 Jun On a welcome return to Friday night, Ruairi faces a dilemma, and Alistair takes the initiative.

05 Jun Who is Ambridge’s Unsung Hero? Life’s a picnic for Fallon, right?
06 Jun Ben is on tenterhooks, and Jazzer could do with a hug.
07 Jun Kate has a proposition. Beth gets a surprise.
08 Jun Vince is surrounded, and Brookfield is taking stock.
09 Jun Is Brian feeling flexible? Tracy has a domestic.
10 Jun Jim appears to be in demand, and Chelsea’s feeling generous.

12 Jun Susan shares a bit of wisdom, and Ed has high hopes.
13 Jun Has Brian come to a decision? Kathy’s old cottage is getting a makeover.
14 Jun Justin is ready to step up, and Tony gets to the bottom of things.
15 Jun Tom and Natasha have somewhere to be. Beth and Ben have their patience tested.
16 Jun Hannah has a dinner date. What has tickled Pat and Tony?
17 Jun Jazzer feels tense. And is Jakob getting warmer?


Thanks as ever, Janie.

Haud me back;- )


Manners, they always make me come over all funny, like. Watchoo lookin’at? Wanker!


Hannah? whoshe?

Round-heeled pig-wumman.


(BBC announcer voice)

To clarify for new listeners, this is a woman who works with pigs; otherwise that description could apply to a great many of the female characters.


Thanks Gus I had forgotten her existance