One-liners to June 25

08 June Helen receives an unexpected invitation and Tom’s plan causes controversy.
09 June Johnny makes a radical decision and Natasha is on a slippery slope.
10 June Helen has a change of heart and Tom struggles to understand the world around him.
11 June Tony digs himself a hole.

15 June Lilian is on a mission and Justin finds himself feeling redundant.
16 June Kate faces an uphill battle and Jakob makes the most of his present situation.
17 June There’s a shock in store for Kate while Lilian considers her relationships with those closest to her.
18 June Justin turns a corner.

22 June Kirsty attempts to make the best of a bad situation and there’s panic at Brookfield.
23 June Helen hatches a plan and Susan’s confidence takes a knock.
24 June It’s a big day for Tracy and Susan goes too far.
25 June There’s a near miss for Kirsty.


Given her history, wouldn’t that be a near Mrs?


Brilliant Dunmock.


Though, to be fair isn’t a ‘near miss’ quite possible a dead-on hit ?