One-liners to June 28


07 Jun Excitement builds for Jim’s tribute night and things go from bad to worse for Ed.

09 Jun Lynda makes her mark at Open Farm Sunday and Alice finds herself on the spot.
10 Jun A mysterious invitation is issued and Alistair fears he’s done the wrong thing.
11 Jun Jill takes a step forwards and Ben has great pleasure in revealing Ruairi’s masterplan.
12 Jun Lilian finds herself out in the cold and Jim loses his temper.
13 Jun Jim issues a shocking instruction and the mystery surrounding Peggy’s activities deepens.
14 Jun Peggy makes an announcement and Lilian refuses to take no for an answer.

16 Jun Tony sets himself a mission and Shula blames herself for recent events.
17 Jun Tom attempts to bury his own ambitions and Kirsty receives an unexpected opportunity.
18 Jun Lilian has concerns about her mother’s plans for the future and Philip offers some reassurance.
19 Jun There’s some upsetting news for Shula and Lilian makes herself useful.
20 Jun It’s a big day for Jazzer and Ian is forced to face his fears.
21 Jun Pat’s idea looks set to cause controversy while Alice has mischief on her mind.

23 Jun Jazzer’s attempt to do the right thing backfires and Tony tries to voice his concerns.
24 Jun There’s good news for Ed and Emma, and Jill has a favour to ask.
25 Jun Jim reaches the end of his tether and Susan tries to get to the truth.
26 Jun Alistair prepares for an uncertain future and Pat is forced to broach a difficult subject.
27 Jun Shula makes a desperate plea and Ben has a controversial suggestion.
28 Jun Life will never be the same for one family as a dark secret is revealed and Clarrie inspects her new home.




What’s the ‘dark secret’ do you reckon?


Dunno, Janie. Probably something wholly trivial, on current form. See also Jill losing her temper. The Vole That Farted.


Good point about Jill. Could it be a revelation that either Fiona or Alistair or both are not Jim’s biological children? You predicted that vis à vis Fiona.


I think it is Alistair who will turn out to have been the cuckoo in the Lloyd nest.

Only three quarters of an hour until things go Horribly Wrong, hurrah!


Oh goodie! I’m quite fond of Alistair but really, people who organise things like this ought to have them turn out very badly indeed.

Regarding the cuckoo in the nest, I was slightly chuckling at the thought of Jim suddenly noticing for the first time that Fiona is black. Yes, I know, it’s the actor who is a person of colour in the same way that Jazzer is not blind though his actor is, but still, the thought occurred.

Some of us still think that no one dares tell Helen that Henwee is not a real child.


“The batteries are running down! Quick, someone tell her she’s a dynamic businesswoman while I whip in a new set.”


It occurred to me too JJ. And Alistair hasn’t noticed either, nor has anyone in Ambridge on the earlier visits we’ve only just heard happened. It wouldn’t be so surprising really, it seemed that no-one noticed Kate’s husband whatever-his-name-is was black.


…yes indeed!

…oooh a narsty haxident late at noite, on the way home from the chickin-factry! …bring it on!

_…exit Jimus (…in Rileyus (…sounding like it’s just about to throw a rod!))