One-liners to June 29

6 June Shula puts her foot in it, and Adam predicts disaster.
7 June Lily finds herself trapped, and Peggy is forced to back down.
8 June Kate discovers the truth and Philip has a request.

10 Jun Brian struggles to keep his temper, and Kirsty is less than impressed.
11 Jun Ed contemplates humiliation, and Peggy fears the worst.
12 Jun Alistair is resolute, and Pip feels the strain.
13 Jun Freddie is in too deep, and Adam has problems with his workforce.
14 Jun Jill comes to the rescue, and Fallon has a bright idea.
15 Jun Kate has the rug pulled from under her, and Ruth suffers a crisis of confidence.

17 Jun There is more than one surprise for Ruth, and Kate causes concern.
18 Jun Toby feels the pressure, and Neil asks a favour.
19 Jun Rex makes a confession, and Lilian declares war.
20 Jun Alice gives some home truths, and Pip is left stunned.
21 Jun Phoebe offers some advice, and Will suffers another setback.
22 Jun Kate plots her future, and Harrison has a big question.

24 Jun Lilian makes a mistake, and Pat is on the warpath.
25 Jun Tom looks to the future, and David needs a favour.
26 Jun Anisha drops a bombshell, and Neil is forced to hold his tongue.
27 Jun Brian puts his foot down, and Josh pushes the boundaries.
28 Jun Phoebe’s birthday proves surprising, and Lynda is confident of success.
29 Jun Kate causes uproar, and Lily is left devastated.


“Oh, you’re still here!”

“I’ll emigrate to Canada! It didn’t stick the first time; better make it Newfoundland.”

I’m still here!”

“Kate isn’t drunk and neither of us has had an unwise snog.”


Russ decides to stay with his wife rather than a silly teenager young enough to be his daughter.


Oh, but that would never happen.


Hmmm. No hope of Susan learning by example, I suppose? Nah.


Let’s see when next week’s credits are shion if she drops a local, or remote bombshell.

Hopefully the actress & SW’s are giving up the ghost of the character.


hello I haven’t been in this soppy soap for month’s and now Tamsin’s agent has got me a crappy sitcom on channel 4 for megabucks darlingzzz.
Who knew!!!


Better than a crappy soap - sorry, that’s a sensitive point for some, so “continuing drama” if you must - on R4 for really not very much ££ at all.
Shame, I quite liked Anisha.