One-liners to June 7

17 May Shula is left reeling, and Adam has a brainwave.
18 May Lily’s secret is revealed, and Justin helps out a friend in need.

20 May Elizabeth jumps to conclusions, and Jim makes a decision.
21 May Freddie’s plan backfires, and Jennifer fears she has made things worse.
22 May Emma receives an unexpected gesture, and Pip has a brainwave.
23 May Lily admits the truth, and Susan has a bone to pick.
24 May Brian tries to make things right, and Adam drums up support.
25 May Alistair plans his future, and Joe asks a favour.

27 May Shula struggles to keep up appearances, and Fallon is on a mission.
28 May Emma has concerns, and Tom lets his hair down.
29 May Brian pulls out all the stops, and Lynda makes a connection.
30 May Will makes a surpising decision, and Jennifer takes over.
31 May Kirsty loses her temper, and Christine is out of her depth.
1 June There is a shock for the Aldridges, and Alistair makes a touching gesture.

3 June Brian prepares for the fallout, and Will is worried.
4 June Elizabeth grows suspicious, and alarm bells ring for Harrison.
5 June Emma is at her wits end, and Tom’s frustrations increase.
6 June Shula puts her foot in it, and Adam predicts disaster.
7 June Lily finds herself trapped, and Peggy is forced to back down.
8 June


[quote=“JustJanie, post:1, topic:1121”]
17 May … and Adam has a brainwave.

22 … and Pip has a brainwave.
[/quote]Truly, too much to cope with.


Unfortunately he was touching the core coolant dump valve.

“You all said I was crazy to dig my bunker! But I’ll show you, I’ll show you all!”

“It’s up to five rads an hour. Is that bad?”