One-liners to Mar 1


11 Feb There’s bad news for Brian and Ian waves the white flag.
12 Feb Kenton has concerns over the future of Lower Loxley and the prodigal returns.
13 Feb Elizabeth faces her demons and attempts the first step to recovery.
14 Feb Will receives a shock and Helen’s evening takes an unexpected turn.
15 Feb Tracy stands accused and Roy takes pity.

17 Feb Lily makes a big decision and Clarrie proves to be a source of inspiration.
18 Feb Ruairi comes to the rescue and Elizabeth feels guilty.
19 Feb Peggy offers some advice and it’s stalemate at Bridge Farm.
20 Feb Jill is shocked by the truth about recent events and Kenton pleads for mercy.
21 Feb Will struggles as Nic’s anniversary approaches and Susan deals with an emergency.
22 Feb Lily fears for the future and Alan is owed an apology.

24 Feb Ian looks to the future and Jennifer makes an unpleasant discovery.
25 Feb Tom drops a shocking bombshell and Pat has concerns.
26 Feb Lily faces a difficult dilemma and Pip is far from impressed.
27 Feb Things are looking up for Ed, and Adam has a plan.
28 Feb Susan finds herself rebuffed and Helen attempts to combat her nerves.
01 Mar It’s a big night for Lee, and Clarrie imparts some difficult news.


“I’m still Jennifer!”

“It turns out my degree in Business Studies from Bypass Polytechnic may not actually be valid.”

“Hmm, stay with the bloke who gives me everything I ask for but has no money, or go back to Mum who gives me everything I ask for but has no money?”

“)(%(&$# seagulls.”

“Scruff Gin. That’ll do the trick.”

“But why did she ask me to bring my practice knives?”


Sadly, no sign of a Kate melt-down. She’s in the cast list this week, but not next, nor the following. Can’t believe she wouldn’t be making waves.


Tom drops a bombshell

Is he moving to Wales to live with Natasha and her trees?


Well he can bugger off, we don’t want him !


I guess she moves into Rory’s room. She certainly won’t be slumming it.


… & Lily in it across 2 weeks. Assuming that’s not from Manchester that’s yet more time away from her course.

She cannot possibly be achieving anything in her course.

… & Freddie must be close to an early release by this period.