One-liners to March 10

26 Feb Freddie needs to find some new volunteers, and Alan starts to feel the nerves.
27 Feb Ben has a baptism of fire, and Kate needs a sounding board.
28 Feb Does Chelsea know what she’s volunteering herself for? It’s time to learn a little more about ‘Sykesy’.
01 Mar Tony and Lilian have something important to discuss, and Helen tries to cheer up Lee.
02 Mar Brian may have the solution, and Chelsea spins a good historical yarn.
03 Mar Friends and family pay tribute to Jennifer, and Brian is in a colourful quandary.

05 Mar Ben gets a helping brotherly hand, and Ian and Adam make a discovery.
06 Mar Adam, Kate and Alice have a childish squabble over the past, and does Josh have company?
07 Mar Lily has something to tell Elizabeth, and Helen has the bit between her teeth.
08 Mar Noluthando goes on an intriguing tour, and Kate confides in her Dad.
09 Mar Susan is ready to lend a hand, and Freddie takes immediate action.
10 Mar Adam has his mind made up, and Lily has to mediate at Lower Loxley.


No, Lily did not mediate, nor did she have to. She spent a happy few minutes jeering and sniping at Freddie, and there was not the slightest need for it apart from her personal need to be as nasty to him as she has habitually been for the last fifteen years at least, more like twenty.