One-liners to March 16

21 Feb Brian goes too far, and Shula attempts to ignite a spark.
22 Feb Peggy’s loyalty is misplaced, and there is a shock for Will.
23 Feb The Grundys face a long night, and Toby offers support.

25 Feb The village is in shock, and Jennifer has a dilemma.
26 Feb Tony offers the benefit of his experience, and Pip has a change of heart.
27 Feb Alice feels guilty, and Neil needs a solution.
28 Feb Roy is frustrated, and Adam fears for the future.
1 Mar Will loses his temper, and Ruth offers a compromise.
2 Mar Brian takes the blame, and there is an unexpected offer for Rex.

4 Mar Jazzer tries to help, and Jim takes the plunge.
5 Mar Will comes to a decision, and Adam receives an interesting offer.
6 Mar Kate returns to Ambridge, and Philip has a confession to make.
7 Mar Joe turns detective, and Toby hatches a plan.
8 Mar Alice’s evening ends in disaster, and Fallon takes up a challenge
9 Mar Clarrie attempts to calm the waters, and Ruth finds herself frozen out.

11 Mar Shula is left disappointed, and Will finds himself overwhelmed.
12 Mar Toby has a cunning plan, and there is a problem for Kate.
13 Mar Joe makes a shocking admission, and Fallon steps up.
14 Mar Alistair’s world collapses, and Clarrie has a visitor.
15 Mar Jim is caught in the middle, and Adam finds himself ousted.
16 Mar Emma is concerned, and Brian tries to do the right thing.