One-liners to March 21


05 Mar Will learns the truth and Justin turns the tables.
06 Mar Kenton drops a bombshell and Emma finds herself caught in the middle.
07 Mar Roy expresses concern and Alice struggles to manage a social situation.
08 Mar It’s a big day for Tom and there’s bad news at Brookfield.

10 Mar Lily can’t help feeling rejected and Tom makes plans for the future.
11 Mar Helen admits the truth and Kate attempts some subtle manipulation.
12 Mar Susan tries to get to the bottom of things and there’s an emergency dash at Brookfield.
13 Mar Adam makes a surprising discovery and Rex offers some advice.
14 Mar Emma comes to the rescue and Natasha learns a shocking truth.
15 Mar There’s an emotional showdown for Helen and Peggy makes an offer.

17 Mar Leonard makes his presence felt and Pat has a tricky subject to raise.
18 Mar Helen bends the truth and Russ is not impressed.
19 Mar There’s a change in the air for Jill and Alice stands firm.
20 Mar Jolene receives an unexpected offer and Peggy attempts a ceasefire.
21 Mar Helen’s lies catch up with her and David wants answers.


Captain: Bad language or abuse,
I never, never use,
Whatever the emergency;
Though “bother it” I may
Occasionally say,
I never use a big, big D —
Chorus: What, never?
Captain: No, never!
Chorus: What, never?
Captain: Hardly ever!
Chorus: Hardly ever swears a big, big D —


So Tom’s big day, then he’s making plans, then Natasha finds the truth.

The truth that he’s a total tosser, never made a go of anything & isn’t as rich as she figured ?

Meanwhile Helen admits the truth. Is this Stabgate stories ? A tad late I’d think. …. or is it about Lee ?


March 15 we have an ‘emotional showdown for Helen’ to look forward to, O joy. That will seal Lee’s fate, I should imagine. Once he realises ‘all she’s been through’ he will be properly on board with the mantra that she now ‘deserves’ happiness, meaning from now on everything will be all about Helen if it wasn’t already.


BBC have posted the 13th
Adam makes a surprising discovery and Rex offers some advice


“Turns out Ian can’t breathe with his face held down in compost. Tee hee.”

“Can’t go wrong with the poo lagoons.”


Thanks, Nelson. I’ve edited the OP.


Two more days available, Sunday and Thursday, with an odd gap in the middle. Looking forward to Helen’s lies catching up with her!


There used to be whole magazines full of that class of a narrative.
So I’m told.

Was all filf round 'ere until that there internet … Now, I do hear tell, it’s all filf evrywhere.
Progress, Lad, that be.


You are ever the optimist. It must be all that snow.

Helen will get “caught out” when she has to tell Lee about Rob. Lee will become tearie-eyed, will hug her & tell her she’s not only beautiful … and brave, but amazing.


… Mrs. “One Counselling Session Made Me Better” starts to fuss over the prodigal son when he returns & leaves Lily feeling under appreciated.

It’s an age old tale. I’m sure there’s a story about it in the bible.