One-liners to May 17

29 Apr There’s a shock for Clarrie while Alistair and Shula share a heart to heart.
30 Apr Ed fears he is out of his depth and Fallon attempts some reverse psychology.
01 May Susan makes a worrying discovery and Freddie is given a ray of hope.
02 May Lily’s past comes back to haunt her and will Helen get to the truth?
03 May A secret is exposed at Grange Farm and Jazzer receives some interesting news.10

05 May Will’s got some apologising to do and the pressure’s on for Harrison to find the bunting thief.
06 May Jazzer’s determined to get even and Shula and Alistair start plotting.
07 May Tom tells the truth and Kenton makes a faux pas.
08 May Mia’s worries increase and it’s all hands on deck at Brookfield.
09 May Jazzer’s up for a fight and Tom’s forced to come clean.
10 May Freddie says goodbye and there’s a shock in store for Jolene.

12 May Freddie is left disappointed and Clarrie has concerns.
13 May Ed is forced to let down a friend and Tony debates what to do for the best.
14 May Will has an uninvited guest and Tracy’s tactics get her into trouble.
15 May Jim comes to the rescue and Kenton is forced to deliver some home truths.
16 May Elizabeth offers support and David is on the warpath.
17 May It all gets too much for Freddie and Tom fears the worst.


“Joe Grundy” was actually Oberst-Gruppenführer Iosef Roheisen, in hiding from the Nazi-hunters. His last words: “it was not worth it”.


So when does this bailiff raise his/her head ?


Later this week, I think.

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Hoping it’s another shock for Tom.

Well. I SAY “hoping”. I mean “it will make my week”.


(I have a very dull week planned).