One-liners to May 18

26 Apr Shula makes a fresh start, and Jazzer is surprised by a face from the past.
27 Apr Brian continues to scheme, and Will faces a new problem.

29 Apr Alice is on the warpath, and Will is humiliated.
30 Apr Alistair does not know where to turn, and Lexi has concerns.
1 May Johnny comes to the rescue, and there is more bad news for Will.
2 May Lily demands answers, and Jazzer gatecrashes.
3 May Harrison is stunned, and Shula lets her hair down.
4 May Brian comes clean, and Kenton considers his actions.

6 May Brian hatches a plan, and Will declares war.
7 May Pat makes a discovery, and Harrison is on top of the world.
8 May Olwen puts her foot down, and Lynda forms a bond.
9 May Johnny finds himself in trouble, and Fallon is put on the spot.
10 May Jennifer accepts the truth, and Freddie harbours suspicions.
11 May The Aldridges face the future, and Adam loses his cool.

13 May Brian tries to do the right thing, and Alan offers some advice.
14 May Susan has concerns, and Freddie is put on the spot.
15 May Pat faces some home truths, and Jennifer is unimpressed.
16 May Alistair confesses all, and Will has a change of heart.
17 May Shula is left reeling, and Adam has a brainwave.
18 May Lily’s secret is revealed, and Justin helps out a friend in need.