One-liners to May 20th

30 Apr Jim finds himself out of his comfort zone, and the race for illumination hots up.
01 May Helen seeks distractions, and Harrison finds himself with a gap to fill.
02 May Kirsty is on the spot, and Jolene smells a rat.
03 May Joy seems to have come up trumps, and Natasha has concerns.
04 May Lynda faces an unexpected hurdle, and Jill finds herself entertained.
05 May Tom gets something off his chest, and Ben has a brainwave.

07 May Leonard faces a crisis of confidence and David tries to make his presence felt
08 May There’s panic at Beechwood, and Lynda digs herself a hole.
09 May There’s bad news for Tracy, and Freddie stands accused.
10 May Jim seizes an opportunity, and there’s a surprise for Harrison.
11 May Elizabeth faces a grilling, and Lilian is surprised by a painful admission.
12 May There’s a surprise guest at Brookfield, and Lynda is on the warpath.

14 May Tony unearths a shocking secret, and the pressure increases at Berrow.
15 May Tempers flare at Bridge Farm, and Brian finds himself with a problem.
16 May There’s a dilemma for Neil, and the Aldridge sisters make their presence felt.
17 May Tom’s head is turned, and Pat tries to find the right words.
19 May Emma struggles to let go, and Adam’s meeting takes a unexpected turn.
20 May Natasha has a fight on her hands, and George underestimates his new role.