One-liners to May 26

08 May Jill has a brainwave and Tracy suffers a crisis of confidence.
09 May Tracy faces another barrier and Jim makes his feelings clear.
10 May Jazzer hatches a plan and tensions mount at the cricket practice.
11 May Shula finds herself in an unexpected situation and Chelsea makes a surprising admission.
12 May Fallon puts her foot in it and Freddie may have bitten off more than he can chew.

15 May Has Pip found a perfect solution? Chelsea gets bossy.
16 May Alice feels out of her depth, and Mia needs to clear the air.
17 May Jakob’s keen to keep things professional, and Freddie’s feeling defensive.
18 May Roy feels rather uncomfortable, and there’s trouble served at Lower Loxley.
19 May Brian is looking out for his family, and Will feels ready to learn.

22 May Alice shares an uncomfortable truth, and Tracy is well and truly stuck.
23 May Jazzer has an elaborate plan, and Stella gets the wrong idea.
24 May Chris demands answers, and Justin’s just in demand.
25 May Brian is put on the back foot, and should Alistair be worried about a friend?
26 May Neil knows what’s best for his family, and Lily’s caught in the middle.