One-liners to Nov 24

5 Nov Justin issues an ultimatum, and Alistair has concerns.
6 Nov Lilian tries to prevent a disaster, and Roy cannot help fearing the worst.
7 Nov Lilian’s suspicions rise, and Harrison has questions for one villager.
8 Nov Ian struggles to make a good impression, and Shula is glad of a friend.
9 Nov Lilian turns detective, and Elizabeth is put on the spot.
10 Nov Harrison imparts shocking news, and Jolene’s fears are confirmed.

12 Nov What is distracting Lilian? Alan prays for some community spirit.
13 Nov Adam feels cornered, and Jolene gets the lowdown.
14 Nov Justin is not a happy man, and Harrison plays detective.
15 Nov Ruth tries to play match-maker, and is it goodbye to an Ambridge tradition?
16 Nov Lexi takes charge, and Alan has an epiphany.
17 Nov Can Toby and Pip reach an accord? Christine is in a holiday mood.

19 Nov There is a shock in store for Christine, and Lynda has reservations.
20 Nov Justin reaches breaking point, and Peggy struggles to support a loved one.
21 Nov Lexi proves a source of inspiration, and Pip’s private life causes interest.
22 Nov Lilian tries to make amends, and Elizabeth is on a high.
23 Nov The results are in at the parish council election, while Alan’s hopes are dashed.
24 Nov Peggy is left horrified, and Adam takes the initiative.



But Christine’s river cruise is up (or is it down?) the Swanee.

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Poor old Auntie Cardboard! I have a soft spot for her.

Don’t like the sound of Lilian making amends, though. Sounds like she is going to pick Justin after all. Boo!


She might be trying to make amends to a still incapacitated and bedridden Matt in Borchester General or wherever, Janie, so I would advise you to be very careful indeed what you wish for. CAPITALISED HASHTAG

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Hmm … make amends for not running away with him? Or perhaps she has lost his luggage. ‘Never mind, Tiger, you said it was just a couple of cardies …’