One-liners to Nov 3

15 Oct Lilian feels guilty, and Pip admits her faux pas.
16 Oct Shula’s day goes from bad to worse, and Ruth makes plans for the future.
17 Oct Tony is put in an awkward position, and Emma is suspicious.
18 Oct Robert has victory in mind, and Kate tries to do the right thing.
19 Oct Toby battles with his feelings, and Matt continues to make trouble.
20 Oct Lilian receives a shocking proposition, and there is serious trouble at the vets.

22 Oct Lilian is torn, and Rex imparts sad news.
23 Oct Shula suspicions are aroused, and Emma gets her mojo back.
24 Oct Matt makes a new enemy, while Noluthando proves to be a bad influence.
25 Oct Adam goes too far, and Roy is shocked by a familiar face.
26 Oct Shula struggles to remain calm, and Jill has concerns.
27 Oct Matt makes a risky move, and Jennifer cannot keep up.

29 Oct Matt plots his escape, and Justin is on the warpath.
30 Oct The residents of Ambridge receive shocking news, and Noluthando makes a friend.
31 Oct Alice puts her foot in it, and Robert calls a truce.
1 Nov Lilian fears the worst, and Pip makes a controversial decision.
2 Nov Harrison hits a brick wall, and gossip spreads about the night of the Hunt Ball.
3 Nov Roy faces an impossible dilemma, and Adam has something on his mind.

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