One-liners to Nov 9

21 Oct Jill offers a lifeline and Tom is caught out.
22 Oct Pip offers an unusual solution and Helen is unnerved.
23 Oct Elizabeth’s hopes are raised and Brian waves the white flag.
24 Oct Lynda forges ahead with her plan and Josh attempts to make up for recent events.
25 Oct Johnny is under pressure and Rex struggles to control his feelings.
26 Oct Johnny has cause for concern and Jazzer has some harsh words.

28 Oct Ruairi is caught out and Johnny is torn.
29 Oct Elizabeth makes a mistake and Hannah offers some tough love.
30 Oct Josh has a brainwave and Tom attempts to make amends.
31 Oct Helen struggles to get through to Henry and Brian lays down the law.
01 Nov Lynda makes her presence felt and Pip puts up a fight.
02 Nov Disaster strikes at Lower Loxley and Ben is guilt ridden.

04 Nov David has a bone to pick and Emma is on the warpath.
05 Nov Tom issues an invitation and Jim offers some unwelcome advice.
06 Nov Ben looks to the future and there’s an awkward first meeting for Tony.
07 Nov Roy is left disappointed and Peggy has concerns.
08 Nov Frustrations grow for Shula and Neil discovers what’s happened in his absence.
09 Nov Elizabeth goes too far and Hannah has a change of heart.

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“It’s a fragment of Nigel I keep to remind me to feel guilty.”

“btw I still exist. No, really.”


Can it be - a shard of the True Cranium?
[Marvin voice on] Small, wasn’t it? [/Mv]

Item, a toe of Saint Cuthbert, with an otter’s tooth affixed therein.


Friday, Nov 9 is now added.

Credits for Nov 4-9 are also posted. Geraldine speaks, Lee and Natasha also, Lexi (boo!) and … Ben!

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Oh … Lexi. Big, BIG “Booooooooo !!!”

Hopefully over a telephone line saying she’s not, 'ow you say, “commmingggg baaarkh”.

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