One-liners to November 15

27 Oct The Grundys are on a mission and Freddie attempts to dig for information.
28 Oct Alice hatches a plan and Toby tries to put off the inevitable.
29 Oct Eddie is in for a shock and Shula feels betrayed.
30 Oct The late Joe Grundy proves to have one final trick up his sleeve and Chris offers some words of advice.
31 Oct Robert’s mind goes into overdrive and Halloween proves a source of contention for Helen.
01 Nov The Grundys attempt to complete Joe’s legacy and dinner at the Aldridges proves a nerve wracking experience.

03 Nov Clarrie struggles with her grief and Johnny spots an opportunity.
04 Nov There’s a face off for Lily, and Rex struggles to look on the bright side.
05 Nov The pressure is on for Helen and Russ finds himself in trouble.
06 Nov Lily makes a big decision and Eddie awaits the results of his experiment.
07 Nov Jim attempts to take a monumental step and Oliver tries to make amends.
08 Nov Ambridge bids a final farewell to Joe and Jim faces his big moment.

10 Nov Eddie’s emotions bubble to the surface and Tony fears he may have caused offence.
11 Nov David is shocked by an unexpected invitation and Elizabeth has a brainwave.
12 Nov Clarrie attempts to keep the peace and Justin’s reach extends ever further.
13 Nov Tony finds himself attracting attention and a potential opportunity comes along for Chris.
14 Nov Lily faces a dilemma and Jim finds himself tempted.
15 Nov There’s a near miss for Peggy and Will looks to the future.


“…and I want to paint it black…”


Will looking to the future?

“What’s an unskilled ex gamekeeper good for?”

Another Gregg imitation?

Only this time he does it right…


I’m sure there are plenty of people he could take out on his grief-fuelled rampage.


04 Nov There’s a face off for Lily.
05 Nov Russ finds himself in trouble.
06 Nov Lily makes a big decision.

14 Nov Lily faces a dilemma

Well, now we know what Nov. 4 was about * I must say I’m relieved that it continues today & tomorrow. Then a long gap, but that could be an entirely different dilemma.

*of course, it’s a big assumption that it is brought to a head.


I think you might be right about it being a different dilemma as you’ll see from next week’s Radio Times which I am about to post.