One-liners to November 18th

06 Nov David and Ruth face a challenge, and George thinks it’s time to grow up.
07 Nov There are challenges ahead for Brookfield, and will Lynda’s snooping yield results?
08 Nov Alice has an important appointment, and Pip feels aggrieved.
09 Nov Elizabeth is trying to help, and Chris could use a favour.
10 Nov Has Neil found a new protégé? Brad is smartening up his act.
11 Nov Someone is in need of family support, and has Lynda found what she was looking for?

13 Nov Strong opinions are shared at Brookfield, and Brad does some quick thinking.
14 Nov Ruairi is keen to impress, and is David avoiding his worries?
15 Nov Can Ben be cheered up by an old friend? Mia’s getting on her bike.
16 Nov The Hunt Ball prep is in full swing – will Ruairi be taking anyone?
17 Nov Oliver seems to be held up tonight, and Elizabeth is playing host.
18 Nov Eddie admires a bit of ingenuity, and is Leonard caught in the middle?