One-liners to November 4th

16 Oct Life gets more complicated for Alan, while Brad takes surprising action.
17 Oct George needs a favour, and disaster strikes at Beechwood.
18 Oct Mia is embarrassed by a relative’s antics, and there’s a surprise for Joy.
19 Oct There’s a shock for Alistair, and Chelsea finds a new ally.
20 Oct Alan puts his foot down, and suspicions are raised at the vets.
21 Oct Chelsea comes to a decision, and Alistair makes his feelings clear.

23 Oct It’s an important day for Alice, and Chelsea is paying a visit.
24 Oct It’s nearly a year since Ambridge lost Bert Fry. Leonard adds some colour at Brookfield.
25 Oct Kate should take a moment before reacting, and Tracy has an awkward conversation.
26 Oct Jazzer has the winning touch, and has Lilian discovered her scary side?
27 Oct Mia has a cunning idea, and Lilian makes a discovery.
28 Oct Beth tries to make her feelings known, and sometimes you just need a hug from a parent.

30 Oct Is Chelsea in the mood for home comforts? Kirsty needs to make a quick adjustment.
31 Oct Tracy is feeling optimistic, and elsewhere could someone use a hug?
01 Nov Vince has had a long trip, and is Ben getting the cold shoulder?
02 Nov Lynda is playing sleuth, and Natasha has a revealing makeover.
03 Nov Leonard knows what to do, and Jolene comes to a realisation.
04 Nov Is someone out for revenge? Freddie offers a listening ear.


Brace yourselves, we have Beth today and her feelings and I have an awful feeling the parent giving the hug is going to be Ruth and the victim of the caring voice, Ben (as well as us, though we are thankfully spared the hug).


“There there, sometimes you just need a former partner to… disappear. Seen Sophie Barlow lately?”


[brushity][trowelity] ‘There! This brings up those stretch-marks wonderfully and maximises the bags under your eyes. Puts years on you!’