One-liners to Oct 11

22 Sep Jill attempts to avert a scandal and Ian struggles to remain calm.
23 Sep It’s an emotional night for the Aldridge family and Kirsty is shocked by an unexpected request.
24 Sep Lilian finds herself charmed and Eddie’s plan backfires.
25 Sep Lexi has a confession to make and there is light at the end of the tunnel for Will.
26 Sep Justin’s nose is pushed out of joint and Rex attempts to play Cupid.
27 Sep Jennifer fears the worst and Pip announces her latest idea.

29 Sep Ian begins to have doubts and Tracy makes herself at home.
30 Sep The Grundys have a screw loose and Rex’s confidence takes a knock.
01 Oct Brian makes a shocking suggestion and Hannah offers some advice.
02 Oct Jennifer finds herself in trouble and there’s an emergency at Berrow.
03 Oct Lilian fears the worst and Ed comes to a decision.
04 Oct Lexi attempts to forgive and forget and David issues a stern warning.

06 Oct Ian’s concerns come to the forefront and Elizabeth has a brainwave.
07 Oct Emma is on a mission and Toby has a delicate question to ask.
08 Oct Ed manages to strike a deal and there’s a final goodbye for Roy.
09 Oct Kirsty finds herself out in the cold and Lilian is still suffering the consequences.
10 Oct Eddie bids a sad farewell and Ruairi reveals his true feelings.
11 Oct The Grundys are united in grief, and Ambridge marks the passing of a legend.


“Two kidneys, no questions asked, and all the debts are cleared. Oh, hi Roy, have a drink…”

Looks as if they’re finally admitting the death of Joe. Most people, you’d notice the pong by now, but Joe was Special.