One-liners to Oct 26


11 Oct Elizabeth is on the warpath and Alistair comes to a decision.
12 Oct Christine fears for the future and Adam has some making up to do.

14 Oct Bert treads carefully and Jennifer spreads shocking news.
15 Oct Justin makes a decision and Fallon offers an invitation.
16 Oct Jazzer is disappointed and Tom backtracks.
17 Oct Elizabeth struggles to cope and David is not impressed.
18 Oct Josh makes a terrible mistake and Lynda steps up her plan.
19 Oct Jill puts her foot down and Brian attempts to occupy his time.

21 Oct Jill offers a lifeline and Tom is caught out.
22 Oct Pip offers an unusual solution and Helen is unnerved.
23 Oct Elizabeth’s hopes are raised and Brian waves the white flag.
24 Oct Lynda forges ahead with her plan and Josh attempts to make up for recent events.
25 Oct Johnny is under pressure and Rex struggles to control his feelings.
26 Oct Johnny has cause for concern and Jazzer has some harsh words.


We need the one liner for 26 Oct please


We??? It’s not something I feel is a necessity - more a ‘nice to have’.

If you are truly desperate, I suggest you look in the locked Spoilers wrap-up thread, which is also kindly provided by JustJanie


Ta for the kind words, Gus.

The buggers have only given us half a spoiler for Oct 26, same as for Oct 19. I don’t have any secret source, just the websites of the BBC, Digiguide and Radio Times for the one-liners and the first two are not very reliable and Radio Times has not posted that far ahead yet. If anyone has an actual paper copy of Radio Times it might help with the missing half of the October 19 one-liners.


The second half of the October 19 and 26 have now been added.


“Have you considered boardgames? You’d meet people from outside That Bloody Village, too.”