One-liners to October 18

29 Sep Ian begins to have doubts and Tracy makes herself at home.
30 Sep The Grundys have a screw loose and Rex’s confidence takes a knock.
01 Oct Brian makes a shocking suggestion and Hannah offers some advice.
02 Oct Jennifer finds herself in trouble and there’s an emergency at Berrow.
03 Oct Lilian fears the worst and Ed comes to a decision.
04 Oct Lexi attempts to forgive and forget and David issues a stern warning.

06 Oct Ian’s concerns come to the forefront and Elizabeth has a brainwave.
07 Oct Emma is on a mission and Toby has a delicate question to ask.
08 Oct Ed manages to strike a deal and there’s a final goodbye for Roy.
09 Oct Kirsty finds herself out in the cold and Lilian is still suffering the consequences.
10 Oct Eddie bids a sad farewell and Ruairi reveals his true feelings.
11 Oct The Grundys are united in grief, and Ambridge marks the passing of a legend.

13 Oct Emotions run high at Grange Farm and Elizabeth offers a shoulder to cry on.
14 Oct There’s an awkward encounter for Emma and a sensitive issue is raised for Brian.
15 Oct Tension rises at Berrow and Ruairi opens up about his feelings.
16 Oct The past returns to haunt Jennifer and Jim faces a dilemma.
17 Oct Will takes the first steps to moving on and panic rises for Peggy.
18 Oct There’s a surprise for the Grundys and it’s a big day for Elizabeth.


“No thanks, it’s a bit, er, used…”

“Nic who?”

“Run for you’re live’s! The apo’s’trophe’s’ a’re loos’''e!”


I have terminated one of they buggers.

Two. Gone from the wrap up, 'n all.