One-liners to October 21st

02 Oct What on earth is Kirsty hanging on the washing line? Pip needs an urgent favour.
03 Oct A very happy 92nd birthday, Jill! Toby reflects on his greatest achievement.
04 Oct The Grundys look forward to new arrivals, and Helen’s concerned about the neighbours.
05 Oct Has Kenton been taken for a fool? Leonard is feeling fastidious.
06 Oct Is it really time to call time at the Bull? One young person needs to talk.
07 Oct Pip offers some personal advice. And has the peace been shattered for Helen?

09 Oct Eddie needs to find his romantic side, and Jim is feeling ruthless.
10 Oct Lily has a cunning plan, and Clarrie faces a sticky challenge.
11 Oct Natasha can’t deny the evidence, and Tracy needs to be somewhere.
12 Oct Are things about to bubble over for Helen and Lee? Jim is a shoulder to cry on.
13 Oct George is being strangely considerate, and things look precarious for Alan.
14 Oct Has Kenton got the right idea? Lily needs a distraction.

16 Oct Life gets more complicated for Alan, while Brad takes surprising action.
17 Oct George needs a favour, and disaster strikes at Beechwood.
18 Oct Mia is embarrassed by a relative’s antics, and there’s a surprise for Joy.
19 Oct There’s a shock for Alistair, and Chelsea finds a new ally.
20 Oct Alan puts his foot down, and suspicions are raised at the vets.
21 Oct Chelsea comes to a decision, and Alistair makes his feelings clear.


“I’ve just had a phone call. From God.”

Someone doesn’t flee at her approach?