One-liners to October 4

15 Sep Ian puts his foot down and Lynda has a bone to pick.
16 Sep Eddie makes a shocking confession and there’s a worrying discovery for Brian.
17 Sep Kate exacts her revenge, and Freddie has a hard day.
18 Sep Brian has bad news to impart, and Ed holds out an olive branch.
19 Sep Freddie offers a solution, and Pip turns on the charm.
20 Sep Justin unveils his latest scheme, and Lily admits the truth.

22 Sep Jill attempts to avert a scandal and Ian struggles to remain calm.
23 Sep It’s an emotional night for the Aldridge family and Kirsty is shocked by an unexpected request.
24 Sep Lilian finds herself charmed and Eddie’s plan backfires.
25 Sep Lexi has a confession to make and there is light at the end of the tunnel for Will.
26 Sep Justin’s nose is pushed out of joint and Rex attempts to play Cupid.
27 Sep Jennifer fears the worst and Pip announces her latest idea.

29 Sep Ian begins to have doubts and Tracy makes herself at home.
30 Sep The Grundys have a screw loose and Rex’s confidence takes a knock.
01 Oct Brian makes a shocking suggestion and Hannah offers some advice.
02 Oct Jennifer finds herself in trouble and there’s an emergency at Berrow.
03 Oct Lilian fears the worst and Ed comes to a decision.
04 Oct Lexi attempts to forgive and forget and David issues a stern warning.


Yeah. Like I always thought, conventional to the core. But what was she asked for, and by whom? < boggles mildly then loses interest >. I have embraced my inner goldfish, and very slippery and embarrassing that was for all concerned


“As you were, pigs.”

Not to mention an apostrophe.

“Maybe… I’m not utterly perfect and beloved by everyone? Nah, impossible.”

In combination with Eddie’s shocking confession and Kirsty’s shock, I wonder whether Fallon’s latest wheeze is to upcycle an old electric chair.

“Run. Far away from the Ambridge Shoutiness Generator.”

All the staff followed Hannah’s advice.

“What is this ‘no vodka while pregnant’ nonsense? In Vaguely Eastern European Accentland, vodka while pregnant is compulsory, though only a litre a day.”


Gosh, I never noticed that. Quite egregious, isn’t it, from the BBC site. Since I cannot unsee it, I have corrected it.

Um, edited to add: not on the BBC site which is what I appear to have implied. Sadly I do not have that power.


That old smoothie Vince Casey? She likes a bit of rough, shades of Matt Crawford.