One-liners to October 7th

25 Sep Emotions run high for one Ambridge resident, and Jolene’s interest is piqued.
26 Sep Vince makes a surprising offer, and there’s a new venture in the pipeline at Grange Farm.
27 Sep Someone has a confession to make, and Alan finds himself torn.
28 Sep The past returns to haunt Clarrie, and is there a cuckoo in the Nest at Brookfield?
29 Sep Chelsea faces the music, and Eddie pushes his luck.
30 Sep Will Jill smell a rat, and Alan seeks divine inspiration.

02 Oct What on earth is Kirsty hanging on the washing line? Pip needs an urgent favour.
03 Oct A very happy 92nd birthday, Jill! Toby reflects on his greatest achievement.
04 Oct The Grundys look forward to new arrivals, and Helen’s concerned about the neighbours.
05 Oct Has Kenton been taken for a fool? Leonard is feeling fastidious.
06 Oct Is it really time to call time at the Bull? One young person needs to talk.
07 Oct Pip offers some personal advice. And has the peace been shattered for Helen?


Frequently and accurately.

Goodness me, I wonder what that could possibly be.


I do hope so.

“If you find yourself getting advice from me, take a long hard look at the choices that have led you here.”