One-liners to Sep 15

1 Sep Adam wants the truth, and Lexi clears up some confusion.

3 Sep Tony’s offer isn’t enough, and Joe’s competitive spirit flares.
4 Sep Grey Gables staff learn their fate, and Phoebe has to face her fear.
5 Sep Lilian lends an ear, and Caroline is remembered.
6 Sep Lexi learns more about Ambridge, and Adam takes control.
7 Sep Roy has to break things up, and Johnny wants to spread his wings.
8 Sep Ian can’t hold in his excitement, and Robert has got the solution.

10 Sep Ian seeks out advice, and Tracy will not let Pip hide.
11 Sep Tony needs to let go, and is it better the devil you know for Joe?
12 Sep Adam and Ian have a memorable encounter, and Tony has important Flower and Produce news.
13 Sep Jennifer hears more than she bargained for, and Harrison shares some intelligence.
14 Sep Kate offers her maternal wisdom, and Toby takes the initiative.
15 Sep Ian has a new resolve, and what’s cooking with Lexi?